Weak Govt, Indiscipline Causes Of Deportation – Sheikh Gumi 4 years ago 0

For Sheikh Ahmad Mahmud Gumi, the detention and subsequent deportation of Nigerian female pilgrims from Saudi Arabia was caused by government’s incompetence and the indiscipline Nigerians exhibit in foreign countries.

Gumi said the action of the Saudi authorities did not come to him as a surprise because of the way and manner female pilgrims conduct themselves while in the holy land.

“During the days of President Yar’adua, I have severally called his attention to the atrocities committed by our female pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. Some of them would go to the holy land and vanish. They stay there to engage in acts that are not only against our religion but against even common sense and morality. I know the Saudis have respect for women but what our women do in the kingdom have made the Saudis to regard them as criminals.

“Another issue is the way and manner our government portray themselves to the outside world. They were able to present themselves as incompetent personalities that can compromise the welfare of their people for some little gains.

“Despite the indiscipline of some of our female pilgrims, I think the Saudi authorities ought to have, before now, informed our government of their decision to stop any female pilgrim from performing this year’s pilgrimage if she doesn’t go with Muharram,” Sheikh Gumi said. Home Page

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