Teenager Becomes Third Member of His Family to Win Millions in Norwegian Lottery

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Photo: Teenager Becomes Third Member of His Family to Win Millions in Norwegian Lottery

A teenager has become the third member of his family to hit the jackpot when he won 12.2 million kroner ($2.12 million) in the Norwegian National Lottery.

The family of Tord Oksnes, 19, hit the headlines three years ago when his sister scooped an 8.2 million kroner bonanza.

It followed her father’s good fortune three years before that when a lottery win made him 8.4 million kroner richer.

Roar Jødahl, a spokesman for lottery operator Norsk Tipping, said he was amazed at the family’s improbable triple triumph.

He told the newspaperBergens Tidende: “I remember well the story of his sister winning after her father had won before.

“With her brother now winning, I have to pinch myself in the arm.” Over the years, the Lottery has seen some curious coincidences, he added. “We’ve had occasions where people have won twice, and different examples of couples who live together each winning.

“But this has to be unique and just goes to show that anything is possible.” Keeping his feet firmly on the ground, Tord Oksnes said he no plans to quit his trainee position with a local energy firm in his home town of Austevoll.

He was even reluctant to take a day off to celebrate.


“I actually have a bit of a guilty conscience about winning so much money. I’m sure there’s somebody who could have done with the money more than me,” he told Bergens Tidende.

Oksnes added that he had no plans to leave the family home and would continue driving his 11-year-old car for as long as it remained roadworthy. He did however plan to invest in an apartment, which he said he would rent out for a few years until he was ready to move away from his mother.

The family of Tord Oksnes, 19, have won the Norwegian National Lottery three times in six years. Home Page

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