Catholics Condemn Promiscuity, Abortion

Catholics Condemn Promiscuity, Abortion

Catholic faithful have been  advised to always pray against abortion and  deceit in the country.

Deputy Metropolitan Grand Knight of the Order of the Knights of Saint Mulumba, Lagos Metropolitan Council, Mr. Egbert Imomoh, gave the advice during  a special vigil on Reparation For Abortion organised by the Marriage, Family And Human Life Unit of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos.

At the vigil which was held in  collaboration with the Order of the Knights of Saint Mulumba Lagos Metropolitan Council, at the Archdiocesan Marian Shrine, Maryland, Imomoh said it  was the duty of Christians, especially Catholics, to help “place over the world,  a renewed respect for life at the moment of conception”.

He condemned the practice of procuring abortion, insisting on the sanctity of human life.

He also urged Catholics to “raise the awareness of the men and women of our country about the fact that killing  defenceless unborn child is a sin against God and  humanity”.

Imomoh said estimates indicate that worldwide, more than 60 million unborn babies are killed each year  through abortion in hospitals, clinics and private homes.

He said, “Those who help in the termination of pregnancies must also feel a blot in their conscience as they run against God’s decree not to kill and the blood of each termination remains on their hands.”

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