A Woman Is Never Complete Without A Good Hair- Ebube Nwagbo 4 years ago 10

Ebube Nwagbo is a beautiful actress no doubt. She is one of the A-List actresses that have made Nollywood tick. She recently explained her reasons for going into hair business.








”My going into Posh Hair was my love for looking good. I wanted to invest into something I love. A woman is never complete without a good hair, and at that time the craze for human hair just set in.

Every lady wanted to look good. But truth is it’s not everybody that can afford to buy them because they are quite expensive. So I decided to do something for people out there that can’t afford the luxury to look like their celebrities. With Posh Hair, you can still get the celebrity look without breaking a bank. Posh hair cuts across for everybody. We have got varieties depending on your budget.

There’s something for everybody. No matter who you are, we have different products to suit different tastes and classes. Going into posh hair was also because it is something that will help me to expand and grow, because it was part of what I needed.’’

She also said that her acting career will not be forfeited for her new hair business; the reason is because she is a multifaceted person. ‘’I am not leaving any for the other. I juggle both. I am an actress as well as a producer and an entrepreneur. I am happy about that. It has not been easy, but hard work is very important in any success story.’’ Home Page

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