27-Year-Old Man Cut Off His Own Hands to Stop Stealing

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Photo: 27-Year-Old Man Cut Off His Own Hands to Stop StealingAccording to the Bible, if your eyes will lead you to sin, pluck it out! And that is exactly what Egyptian, Ali Afifi did only he didn’t pluck out his eyes, but cut off his hands from his wrists. Ali took the severe decision following his inability to stop stealing and the feeling of guilt that comes over him after every act of theft.

In a situation he described as a ‘battle pitched’ against the devil, Afifi, 27, went to the main train station in the western Egyptian town of Tanta four years ago and waited for the train to approach where he was before dipping his hands under its wheels as hundreds of other train passengers watched in horror.

Following the shock of what happened, Afifi’s father sent him to an assylum. Following his release, Afifi sought the help of a local Islamic scholar to assist in chopping off the other wrist, but the man refused citing because he was not a ruler nor in a position to make that decision. Rather, the Islamic scholar advised him to repent and seek God’s help.

Left with no other choice, Afifi decided to carry out the act by himself. According to him (Afifi), “when I was finally released from the assylum a few months ago, I cut the other hand off to make sure I’ll never steal again.” Home Page

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