True Confession: I Have Been Cheating On My Man Who Is In A Wheelchair 4 years ago 20

I have a boyfriend. His name is ‘Paul’ and January 19, 2013 is going to be 3 years for us being together. I’m 22-years old and he’s 42-years old. He’s also confined to a wheelchair. I don’t know how but I fell deeply in love with him.

Now, since the ending of 2011 we’ve been having small breaks or whatever. So, during these breaks I would step out on him and have sex with guys. I would cut off all contact with them after I was done. It happened like 5 times though, and each time, for some odd reason, my boyfriend found out about it, and all the time he was very hurt.

He always tell me that if I’m not ready for a serious relationship with him to let him know now. And, like a dumb a** I convinced myself that I was ready for him. I told him to stop tripping because at the end of the day I love him and he’s who I’m coming home too, but I am stupid for what I’ve done.

I actually never thought I would do -ish like that to hurt him. Now, to the present, I still have guy friends, but I want to cut them off because I feel like I don’t need them and they all just want one thing. But, I’m choosing to stay with my boyfriend with no more issues like this ever again.

I am now sure that I want to stay with him. He’s been taking care of me ever since I was 18-years old and even helped me reunite with my dad after 18 years of separation. I love this man with all my heart and want to be a better woman for him on a serious tip now. Please help and advise me. Thank you Home Page

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