Obama Taking Out Cash to Pay For His Sausages

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 3

Photo: Obama Taking Out Cash to Pay For His SausagesHe is the most powerful man in the world by virtue of his position as president of the United States of America. So, wherever Barack Obama goes, he is accompanied by a huge entourage of aides, Secret Service and campaign staff especially in an election year.

But what most didn’t expect was the president having to handle his own cash. On Saturday, the President went shopping at a Wisconsin store and he appeared to bring out some wad of cash from his wallet.

Now compare that to a Nigerian president whom you might never find shopping nor handling cash by himself – he has a retinue of aides who are always at his beck and call and never allow him carry a thing, even the pair of eyeglasses he use.

When will we get to that point where our first ladies will freely walk into a down town store or super market to shop for things they will use? Or when will the ordinary Nigerian on the street ever get close to the president enough to shake his hand or take a photo with him? Home Page

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