Don Reiterates Benefits Of Exclusive Breastfeeding 4 years ago 0

A renowned professor of Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Ilorin (UNIILORIN), Kwara State,  Professor Olugbenga Mokuolu, has reiterated the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, saying that it remains central to the survival of babies.

Delivering the university’s 114th inaugural lecture at the weekend, Professor Mokuolu said exclusive breastfeeding protects newborn babies from deaths caused by early diseases in the first 72 hours of living.

Professor Mokuolu, who said a handicapped child, particularly in a third world was a tragedy, added that many factors which were determined to prevent babies from having the perfect start they deserved were standing in the way of the lofty goal.

The university don said the diseases in newborns include jaundice, infections, respiratory disorders, perinatal asphyxia and prematurity, adding that exclusive breastfeeding ensures maximum potentials for growth and development in new born babies.

“Breastfeeding addresses the provision of adequate nutrient to the baby. It is nature’s way of feeding the infant. It is a basic right of the baby that was given new drive through the introduction of the baby-friendly hospital initiative,” he said. Home Page

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