Woman, 61, Suffers Heart Attack After Thieves Stole Her Talking Pet Parrot

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Photo: Woman, 61, Suffers Heart Attack After Thieves Stole Her Talking Pet Parrot

An animal lover suffered a heart attack after discovering her beloved pet parrot had been stolen.

Lois White, 61, returned home to find African grey parrot Jasper missing and contacted the police.

While officers were with Ms White she started experiencing chest pains and paramedics were called. Ms White was told stress had brought on the heart attack which came as a ‘complete shock’ and was ‘very frightening’.

Ms White spent six days being treated in Bristol Royal Infirmary and has now returned home.

Ms White, from Tredworth, Gloucestershire, who has owned the parrot since he was born six year ago, said: “We have never been parted from him. He is totally, completely, and utterly part of the family.

“It’s like having your arms cut off to have him missing like this and I am very fearful for his safety because he is a very nervous bird.”

The family are desperate to be reunited with Jasper, who is said whistle and have ‘outstanding vocabulary’.

Phrases used by the parrot include: “Do you want some porridge?”, “Cup of Tea”, “Trick or Treat”, “Merry Christmas”, “Naughty boy Oscar, naughty boy” and “Don’t be so stupid”.

Gloucestershire Police said it is thought the bird, worth around £1,000, was specifically targeted as no other room was disturbed.

A police spokesperson said: “The bird can be quite aggressive with people he doesn’t know. There weren’t any bird feathers on the floor so we don’t think there was a struggle.”

A yellow blanket was also taken from a side unit at the house. Two men of South East Asian origin were seen acting suspiciously in the area by neighbours. Home Page

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