What Your Husband Means by ‘You Look Lovely in That Dress’

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 0

Photo: What Your Husband Means by ‘You Look Lovely in That Dress’To be honest, most women have done this: sought reassurance from our husband or partner about an outfit we love. She who has never, should cast the first stone. So many times the women in our lives (wife, mother, girlfriend or lover) ask us how they look in a particular dress and we almost (i.e men) want to burst out laughing but we put up a straight face and respond, ‘Oh! it looks lovely’ when we actually mean, ‘Oh! did you just come out from the middle ages?’

However, it has now been revealed that chances are the men lie to keep the women happy. A recent survey found one in four men regularly don’t like what their partner’s wearing — but half of them are too afraid to tell the truth in case sparks fly.

Is this true? We would like to know from the men folk – would you mind telling the truth about how your woman looks in that dress or you’ll just lie to make her happy? And for the womenfolk, how will you feel if after asking your man to compliment your dress, he straight away disapproves of it? Home Page

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