Beautiful Artwork You Wouldn’t Like Your Kid To See

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 0

Photo: Beautiful Artwork You Wouldn’t Like Your Kid To SeeYarn art is an art work done using a long continuous length of interlocked fibres. It has been used for many designs in the past and the form of creativity it represents is laudable. Crazy world we live in…people have a way of bringing p*rn into everything. What could have just been appreciated as a creative work is causing a controversy at an Art shop in New York.

Out of the plethora of yarn art created by artist, Erik Ravelo displayed at the Art of Knit, Bennetton’s fall/winter pop-up shop is one called Lana Sutra that depicts a couple mid-s*x position amidst the racks of brightly coloured sweaters, pants, and tees.

In fairness to the artist, it’s an ingenious piece that steals attention but understandably, some parents are mad about it. A parent says, “I choose to remain vigilant in protecting & preserving my children’s innocence. They have a right to it and I’m not letting this corrupt society dictate it!” Other parents believe the work of art isn’t bad for their kids.

“It certainly is a confronting image, but I believe our children see things just as confronting on music videos. Most kids won’t even realize what they are seeing when they see this display. And if they do, it’s probably time to teach them a little bit about the facts of life.” Home Page

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