Student Dies While Trying to Abort In A College In Embu, Kenya

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Photo: Student Dies While Trying to Abort In A College In Embu, KenyaA female student of St Mark Teachers Training College in Embu, Kenya lost her life while trying to abort a three month pregnancy.

The student, whose name could not be revealed, passed away before she could be taken to hospital after she was found in a critical condition in the Sunday evening incident.

Witnesses suspect that the girl might have resorted to dubious means of procuring an abortion and they speculate that she may have taken an overdose of medicine.

She was discovered helpless by her colleagues in the hostels groaning in pain. The colleagues said that she died while some of them had gone to call the administration and others had rushed to go get the college bus to ferry her to the hospital. The teachers and the administration failed to give a statement about the incident as majority stayed out of college compound in the spirit of the ongoing strike.

The police who visited the college however rubbished the abortion claims stating that until an autopsy is conducted, no one can say what exactly killed the girl.

Our sources revealed that the family decided not to incur any expenses on the postmortem and instead make burial arrangement.

Cases of abortion have been on the rise in the area recently. Home Page

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