Eldoret Man Strips Naked After Losing Money

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 1

Photo: Eldoret Man Strips Naked After Losing Money

Drama unraveled at a popular bar in Eldoret, Kenya after a middle aged man caused a stir claiming that his money had been stolen by the bar attendants and the bar manager. The man stripped to his birthday suit and refused to dress up until his Sh. 10,000 was returned to him.

Curious onlookers and revellers were astonished by the man’s behavior attracting the attention of police on patrol. According to the bar attendant, the man had asked for two beers and after downing them he started accusing them of stealing his money from his pockets.

A war of words ensued with the man accusing them of being robbers and having planned to steal from him immediately they saw him enter the bar. The stupor drunk man from Kakamega was later escorted by police to the police station naked.

The streets of Eldoret were impassable with people struggling to have a look at the man who had caused serious drama at the town.

Whne he got to the police station he sobered up after being threatened. He later agreed to pay his bill and apologized to the bar attendants and the manager. Home Page

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