My Pastor Had A Vision… I Should Not Marry My Fiance Help!

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 12

Photo: My Pastor Had A Vision… I Should Not Marry My Fiance Help!I have been dating my fiancé for 12 years now and we are planning to get married in two weeks time. However, there is a strange twist… recently as my pastor started insisting that I break up with my fiancé.

I love my fiancé dearly he was my first love and he loves me back. He is one of those good guys people talk about. I have invested so much in this relationship and would not dream of breaking up with him.

A few days ago my pastor called me and demanded I see him. When we talked he informed me that he had received a vision from God that my fiancé will leave me after some years in marriage.

He even added that he may cheat on me in future. My fiancé has never cheated on me or given me any reason to doubt him.

Am confused I do not want to break my man’s heart and yet I do not want to differ with the man of God’s opinion.

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