‘I Am Not On Facebook’ – Segun Arinze Warns Against Impostors 4 years ago 3

Segun Arinze has raised the alarm over fake facebook accounts using his identity to defraud unsuspecting fans and aspiring actors.













Arinze, who issued a brief statement last night, says even though he is not on the social media platform, he was shocked to discover several accounts of his exist, with the operators misleading innocent fans.

One fake Arinze account is allegedly ‘asking unsuspecting members of the public to pay N12k to join Nollywood’.

‘Please at no time have I asked anyone to pay any fee to join Nollywood. There are guilds and associations saddled with that responsibility’, Arinze said in a statement he released via a Blackberry Messenger broadcast.

Arinze says he is also worried that there are more fake Facebook pages (actually there are five other fake accounts) but that he has notified Facebook to shutdown the accounts.

I am NOT on FACEBOOK! I have been off long ago. The guy is a fraud! Please do not fall prey and don’t chat with him. I have also duly notified the Facebook team‘. Home Page

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