We’ve Good Reasons To Impeach Jonathan – Rep 4 years ago 3

Jos East/Jos South’s representative in the House of Representatives, Bitrus Kaze, has said apart from non-implementation of the budget, the House has good reasons to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan.

Kaze, who spoke to our correspondent in Jos on Wednesday, said the House  was being  unrealistic when it  demanded that the President should implement the 2012 budget 100 per cent by September.

He said, “We have good reasons to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan. My own reason being that a President that cannot secure the lives and property of the citizens, a President that cannot build good roads, a President that cannot provide electricity and water cannot continue to be President.

“To me, these  are  the irreducible minimum in government. A President that cannot do these is not worth staying in office. At worst, if he came and met us poor, he should leave us as poor people instead of impoverishing us the more.

“On the Plateau, as in elsewhere, people have been killed in their droves and we continue to hear of people being killed every day and we are behaving as if nothing is happening. I believe that we have more than one reason to impeach Jonathan. As a  leader, the President has failed in many aspects that we should impeach him

“But the budget thing they are talking about, I don’t buy into it because if you say that the budget has to be implemented 100 per cent, the law itself is not 100 per cent perfect.

“Remember that the budget is the product of an appropriation Act and I know that the Act has provisions for amendment. If you can amend a law, it means that that law is not perfect  and a law that is not perfect cannot be implemented 100 per cent.

“And if you say that the law must be implemented 100 per cent by September, what happens in October? Will it be implemented 110 per cent, November 120 and by December 140 per cent?” Home Page

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