I Just Had Sex With Her Once And She Is Taking Me To Court

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 6

Photo: I Just Had Sex With Her Once And She Is Taking Me To CourtI am writing to you because I have a headache and have no idea what to do. A few months ago, my childhood best friend visited my place in Abuja and one thing led to the other.

We made love and in the morning she left my place, it never occurred to me that she would get pregnant or anything. After two months my friends at home informed me that she was four months pregnant and I was responsible.

I called her, but she denied the allegations. I pestered her to tell me the truth and she admitted that she was two months pregnant and yes I was responsible. I have requested her, we visit a hospital together and confirm how far along her pregnancy is or whether am responsible, but she has refused.

Yesterday I received a call that has stirred me completely, her parents have filed a suit against me even without discussing with me. I am confused because if this is tabled in a court of law, it will affect my job.

I am ready to marry the girl. but if and only if am responsible.

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