Two Journalists Arrested For Filming Violence in Kisumu

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 12

Photo: Two Journalists Arrested For Filming Violence in KisumuTwo freelance journalists are being held by Kisumu police(Kenya) for filming a burning house and business in the town following the violence that occurred on Sunday.

Violence erupted at the Kisumu main Bus Park when youth groups clashed violently over control of the lakeside town.

A group allied to Kisumu American Squad pursued and attacked members of the Kisumu Chinese Group in a revenge attack that sprawled into the town’s Central Business District.

Trouble started when one the leaders of America group, Nyamor Owino was attacked at Tuskys supermarket on Saturday. He was serious beaten by members of the rival group and left for dead. He was rushed to Nighingale Hospital after losing a lot of blood.

Members of Owino’s group were angered when the attackers were not arrested by the police prompting them to take matters into their own hands. They hunted down one Chinese group leader, Boy Akoth, and beat him up with clubs before the police could save him.

They also went ahead and burnt down Akoth’s Land Rover reducing it to rusty metals and ashes as they chanted their slogans into the warm lake side air. At one point they undressed a lady pedestrian who was dressed in a mini-skirt for supposedly walking naked. The lady wept bitterly before the police rescued her.

Butcheries and businesses were broken into and looted silly during the violence. The youthful rioters brought activities into a stand still for the better part of the afternoon as their rivals also came to fight back.

It took the efforts by the police led OCPD Musa Kongoli to cool the youths down and avert more chaos.

The police said they will ensure the two groups are dealt with lawfully Home Page

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