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Are you in a distance relationship? Do you worry about calling it quits but you love this person and can’t let go? Your survival in a distance relationship depends on how the relationship got start.


For example I spent sometime together with my girlfriend in school before I graduated and we got seperated by distance. Distance relationships could be very painful and tiring but in order to sustain it you need to apply the following.

1. There must be genuine love: I love my girl so much, right from the outset and she loves me in return despite the fact am not rich this has been the core of our relationship. Each time we talk about the past and how memorable it was being together the memories keep us alive.

2. Trust: without trust distance relationship goes dead. Trust issues begin to come up when one party begins to act differently, like myself I erased my thoughts from ‎​thinking my girl has someone else; I don’t think about it no matter what, its not a perfect relationship but because we trust each other we keep going on and on.

3. Don’t Listen To Friends: friends sure have a way of destroying distance relationships. I remember the times when I sit over a drink with a couple of friends, they make me feel like a loser, they make me feel like a complete , asking questions like do you know what she is doing now? Maybe she is having fun with some other guy while you are here being the good guy. I almost fell for all that, it almost ruined my relationship but as I earlier said, trust is what keeps me going.

4. Regular communication: keep in touch at all times, say sweet things you will normally say to her, don’t let her feel you are ever tired, with various communication gadgets blackberry, facebook, mobile phone, skype communication has been made easier.

5. Send a surprise gift from a distance: you know where she stays? Why not courier a package to her with a recent picture from you, a hand written note and some gift items. It helps. Home Page

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