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Aspects of Modern Parenting: Kid-Shaming On The Internet

Aspects of Modern Parenting: Kid-Shaming On The Internet

U.S. - The popularity of “kid shaming” on the Internet continues to grow, while the genre evolves.

First, there’s the case of “Laptop-Shooting Dad”.

The video clip (watch it below), featuring Tommy Jordan shooting his 15-year-old daughter’s computer nine times with hollow-point bullets, has been watched more than 31 million times since it was posted in early February. The North Carolina father was retaliating against an expletive-laced Facebook message his daughter Hannah Marie had posted about her parents.

Tommy Jordan says he and Hannah Marie have made amends, as nearly a month later he spoke out about their relationship outside of those eight minutes of infamy. Jordan now says, “I have a great daughter. She made a mistake that day. I made a mistake that day. I stand behind what I did, but the consequences were a lot larger than what hers were.’’

“We got home, we talked about it,’’ Hannah Marie, his daughter, says. “We went our separate ways after a while, but we came back together. We were laughing about it soon afterwards. I think he overreacted a little bit, but I understand.’’

Hannah Marie’s stepmother, Dr. Amy Jordan, said her husband's not a hot-head. “People may look at that video that don’t know him or us and think we’re just completely uneducated country people, and that’s not the case. He’s very intelligent. He’s very thoughtful. He rarely does anything without thinking it through or even consulting me on a lot of occasions, and this wasn’t any different.’’

Tommy notes he removed the computer’s hard drive before obliterating the laptop so that his daughter would not lose her personal data. Hannah Marie, who wrote an apology note to her parents, has not gotten a new laptop, is still grounded and is only allowed restricted Facebook use.

Then, there’s the “Poop-In-The-Shower Dad”: one U.S.dad took his disgust with the dirty work of parenting to the Internet. He had his smiling, pajama-clad daughter, who looks to be about 3, pose for a photo with a sign around her neck that read: “I pooped in the shower and daddy had to clean it up. I hereby sign this as permission to use in my yearbook senior year.”

Thousands of online commenters have weighed in, with many calling him a mean dad who went too far, sapped his daughter’s confidence and violated her privacy.

Experts say that without knowing anything about the girl’s childhood, it’s too soon to know what one photo will do or what kind of parent the dad really is. Psychologist call it a “bad parenting choice,” but said it certainly was not abusive. The girl could feel shame and humiliation, which are not effective tools for discipline. “If her peers get a hold of it, it could impact her social standing,” experts say. “If you’re already a target of bullying or weakness, it could really set you up to be a massive target if the picture goes viral.”

Another psychologists who specializes in children, say the way the girl turns out as a young adult will not depend on this one photo. What matters is the quality of her home life.

Watch the News Report on the case below:

Now, the recent case of shaming children on the Internet. After their daughter got into a serious argument with her parents, they confiscated her phone for a week and took over her Facebook account as well. Next, they posted a series of wacky pictures of themselves for all of her friends to see.

Aspects of Modern Parenting: Kid-Shaming On The Internet

The pictures of these parents, who clearly have a sense of humor, have gone viral. Many applaud the couple for their unorthodox parenting style.

Public shaming doesn't work to change the child's behaviour, some specialists say. In fact, it likely intensifies the power struggle between parent and child. Discipline should help the child make a better choice in the future rather than shame them for past mistakes. Parental cyber-bullying, on the other hand, is simply a parent's attempt to 'get back at' the child -- not take seriously their duty to deliberately teach better behavior in a way that is helpful to the child.”

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