“He’s A Great Guy, But He’s Not So Well-Endowed & I’m Not Being Satisfied” 4 years ago 9

My boyfriend and I have been in a happy relationship for 4 months.

The relationship is excellent so far, he treats me like a queen. He’s very considerate, affectionate, understanding and committed. He’s the best man I’ve known so far. The only problem is that he has a very small member. About 2-inches.

He has a very high libido and always wants to have sex, but I don’t get turned on because I’m not getting satisfied because of his small size. The men in my past have been very well-endowed, but treated me so badly.

I finally have a good man that loves me, but the sex is boring. I emphasize on oral sex because it’s the only way I’m getting pleasure. But, he keeps asking me if I’m getting satisfied through penetration and I just don’t have the courage to tell him the truth that I’m not because he’s so small.

I don’t want to cheat because he’ll never take me back if he finds out. I definitely don’t want to lose him, but I can’t tell him the truth about his small member. What should I do? Home Page

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