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Lagos Lawyers Criticise Parks And Garden Law

Lagos Lawyers Criticise Parks And Garden Law

Lawyers in Lagos State on Sunday reacted to the new Parks and Garden Law that was recently passed into law by the State House of Assembly.

It would be recalled  that Mr Tunji Bello, the Commissioner for Environment had earlier in the week inaugurated the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK).

The agency is expected to manage all the parks and gardens and enforce the laws.

Bello said that it had become mandatory for landlords of landscapes to beautify the perimeter areas of their properties.

“Violation of this law shall warrant the penalty of N250,000 or any amount the state shall incur in doing same on behalf of the property owner,’’ Bello said.

According to Bello, all houses in the Lagos metropolis, no matter how small or congested must have flowers planted at their perimeters or the owners will face the law if they fail to comply.

In separate interviews with NAN, the lawyers described the new law as being repressive and attempt to impoverish Lagosians.

A legal practitioner, Mr Spurgeon Ataene, said that the law was obnoxious and oppressive.

He said that although beautification of houses was good for the environment because of the long term effect of tree planting.

Ataene, however, said that government did not have the right to punish any landlords for not beautifying their property.

Another lawyer, Mr Ogedi Ogu, shared Ataene’s view, describing the law as repressive.

He said that the implementation of the law would run against natural justice, equity and good conscience.

He argued that the government should focus more on the provision of effective social infrastructures rather than concern itself with planting of flowers in homes.

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