“I Thought He Was The One & After We Slept Together, He Dumped Me!” 4 years ago 1

How do you get over the regrets of meeting a guy, sleeping with him, and then getting dumped? I hate it.

This happened to me and I should of known better, but I it didn’t and now I have such big regrets. I thought this guy was the one and that he was real and he wanted more than just sex.

Well, I was had.  I’m not a young girl who hangs out in the clubs or bars in hopes of meeting someone. I meet this guy on-line and I thought we had a real connection.  Ha, the only connection we had was the sex, and once that was over so was the so-called connection. Now, this guy gave me a key to his place and I used it, but that has no meaning behind it whatsoever. He still won’t take my calls and I stop trying.

I feel like an a**. Yes, I do. I kept telling myself to be careful and not to move too fast. In fact, I thought we had not, but it still happened. I figured he was different, but a man is a man is a man. If they want sex, they will seek you out, and get what they need and move on.

So, here I sit once again alone wondering if it’s even worth it to try dating again. I hate how I feel right now and I can’t stand looking at myself. I feel so damn stupid for thinking this guy was different. Where is the rule book for the ladies to do this to guys?  It sucks to feel this way, and I’m telling you that I am finished with dating.

I don’t want any silly responses. I would like some real advice. I am not a kid and I really regret what I have done, all in the name of being with someone. I’m very, very upset that I got used like this. You will be right when you read this and tell me the truth. This keeps happening to me and no matter what I do or how long I wait I still give off the cheap date vibe. Home Page

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