FCT Minister Bala Mohammed In Sex Scandal, Romances Office Cleaner 4 years ago 461

Senator Bala Mohammed, Federal Capital Territory minister, Abuja escapades has assumed another dimension and this is authoritative.

As a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the FCT minister was allegedly dating the cleaner in his office at the National Assembly complex.

The cleaner a Plateau state born damsel is said to have fallen head in love with Senator Bala for his alleged genial dispositions towards his female staff. Upon his appointment as FCT Minister, senator Bala globalvillageextra learnt redeployed her to the ministry where the cleaner has fully been transformed into full fledge mistress.

At the ministry the girl who was already engaged to an Adamawa born staff of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria,PHCN office Maraaba,on the outskirt of the FCT enjoys the attentions of politicians and civil servants who want the ear of the minister..

Globalvillageextra learnt that senator Bala who later became aware of her engagement to the Adamawa staff of PHCN pleaded with her to keep the relationship even as he was prepared to sponsor the marriage.

He kept to his promise bought her a House at the Federal Housing Estate Karu, bought her a car and sponsored her marriage to the Adamawa groom.

Not even after the marriage would senator Bala let go of the girl as the newly wedded couple appear to be enjoying lots of favors from the minster.

last week senator Bala was at the PHCN office, about 15 kilometer from FCT purportedly to drop the girl who he claimed is now her personal Assistant with her husband after an emergency work in his office on Saturday.

The visit by the minister had attracted the comment of other staff in the office.A source at the PHCN confided in globalvillageextra that the husband told them that even on weekends’ the minister would invite his wife to the office. But with money and connections the husband has remained obedience to his wife while the minister had some good time with his wife. Home Page

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