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28-Year-Old Photographer Dies In Horror Accident After Falling From Open Window

28-Year-Old Photographer Dies In Horror Accident After Falling From Open Window

A photographer fell through an open third-floor window to his death at a glamorous party celebrating London Fashion Week.

28-Year-Old Photographer Dies In Horror Accident After Falling From Open Window

Guests were horrified when Peter Alexander, 28, and an unnamed  20-year-old model both stumbled through the window, which was covered by a blind. 

The other man suffered pelvic injuries and is now in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

Paramedics rushed to the scene of the party in Shoreditch, East London, but were unable to save Mr Alexander. Police believe there are no suspicious circumstances.

The pair were said to be ‘messing around’ at Thursday night’s party, which was hosted by fashion PR company Blow to showcase designers and stylists. It was attended by drag queens in glitter and high heels, models and artists.

Photographer Billa Baldwin, 43, a friend of Mr Alexander, was on the roof terrace when he heard a bang. He said: ‘I ran back down to the floor below and someone said, “Peter’s gone out the window.” There was panic and shock – no one knew what to do. I looked out of the window and saw him. He wasn’t moving and I could tell he was in a bad way. 

‘It was one of those big windows with both sides open, but a blind  had been pulled down in front of it so you couldn’t tell it was open.


'I heard the other guy was a model, and had been messing around with Peter and they sort of fell against the wall and then went out the window. It was such a needless death. It’s shocking. I had said to someone earlier that they should close that window, that someone could easily go out of it.

‘He was eccentric, a total character. He used to sell cameras down Brick Lane and he had all the banter. He wasn’t a conventional guy and we loved him a lot.’

One neighbour, student Alistair Shone, 19, said: ‘There was a classic white Triumph Spitfire with its  roof caved in and the back window smashed. I heard one of the men had landed on the car and then fallen on to the pavement.’

The property in French Place  where the party was held is regularly used for fashion events and film shoots. It was bought by photographer Tim Walker ten years ago for £625,000.

Mr Alexander, whose family are from South London, was described as a talented photographer who  had exhibited in London, Iceland and the US. Last night, a single floral tribute, a bunch of pink roses, lay at the spot where the two men landed.

More tributes were paid on Twitter. Artist Theo Adams wrote that Mr Alexander was ‘a real individual, a real eccentric and just a really amazing person to have in your life’.

Photographer Morgan O’Donovan added: ‘Such a tragedy. Your excentricness [sic] will be missed.

Blogger BrotherDelphi wrote: ‘I loved his acerbic humour. He was beyond human height and a gangly ****; I used to liken him to Blakey off On The Buses. He was unique. How stupid and silly that he should die this way.’

Michael Oliveira-Salac, director  at Blow, said: ‘We are all very distressed by the incident. It is not an  easy time. We have been provided little or no information as the police are still doing their investigation. Obviously our thoughts are with the families of the deceased and the injured man.’

Mr Alexander’s father said: ‘He’s gone and there will be an inquiry. I can’t say anything more. We’ll get through this in our own way.

‘He’s only been dead a day and we’ve spent the day going through his iPhone informing people who we don’t know that he’s dead.’

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