UK Royals Fight To Ban Topless Photos Of Kate 4 years ago 4


Britain’s royal family will go to court Monday to stop the publication of more topless photos of Catherine, the duchess of Cambridge, a palace spokesman said Sunday.

Lawyers for the royals will be seeking damages and a Paris court order preventing the photos from being published again. They also want existing photos taken offline, the palace spokesman told CNN.

The French magazine Closer ran photos last week of Prince William’s wife sunbathing topless in private last week. Chi, an Italian gossip magazine owned by the same company, has said it will put out a special edition on Monday with photos of William and Catherine on vacation.

The couple feel upset and humiliated, and are considering complaining to French police in hopes of getting criminal charges laid against the photographer who took the pictures.

They are not pursuing legal action in other countries at the moment, the spokesman said, although the photos have also been published in Ireland.

The palace expressed outrage last week that the French magazine published the pictures, comparing the invasion of privacy to those suffered by William’s late mother, Diana, princess of Wales.

William and Catherine were said to be “hugely saddened” by what palace officials called a “grotesque” invasion of privacy while they were on a private vacation. But the Irish Daily Star went on to print the pictures on Saturday. Palace officials slammed the newspaper’s decision as driven only by greed.

But editor Mike O’Kane told the BBC that outrage over the images was only felt in Britain and that readers in the Republic of Ireland wanted to know what all the “kerfuffle” was about.

He was “a little taken aback by the reaction in the UK,” he said, saying the newspaper was treating Catherine no differently from any other celebrity.

“She’s not the future queen of Ireland so really the only place this is causing fury seems to be in the UK,” he said, suggesting that the British press were behaving with some hypocrisy.

O’Kane said the Irish Daily Star was reproducing the images as published in Closer on Friday rather than buying them itself directly. The pictures are not being published in the Northern Ireland edition. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.

The latest controversy comes only three weeks after the British royal family was caught up in a media furor over images of William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, partying naked in his Las Vegas hotel room with a group of girls. Home Page

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