Resign or Be Recalled, Law Makers Told

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 0

Law makers representing the three senatorial districts and the various constituencies in Delta State, at the National Assembly, have been advised to live up to expectation of Deltans in discharging their duties to avoid being recalled by the electorate.

The advice was made in Sapele, Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State, by the national chairman of the Aysesinku Foundation, a charitable organization, Alhaji Joseph Atseyinku.

Atseyinku, who advised the federal law makers from the state to resign their jobs if they are not prepare to initiate and make laws that can bring rapid economic and social development to the state, said he would galvanize the electorate to initiate recalling procedure on those who are found to be docile and unproductive and whose presence in the National Assembly will not bring the dividends of democracy to the state.

According to the activist, the electorate in the state are already fed up with non-chalant lawmakers who are representing the interest of the state in the National Assembly and are not performing, and said Deltans would no longer fold their hands while those they elected to represent them are doing nothing to alleviate their sufferings through legislations in the National Assembly. Home Page

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