Dressing up for Examinations

Sarah Adoyo 4 years ago 1

Photo: Dressing up for Examinations

THE answer is yes. Yes you should dress up for examinations. This isn’t a list of designer clothes that would make you feel hip, but fashion advice that could save your life or at least your grades.

Prepare for all seasons: Exam halls could be unpredictable. You wouldn’t want to leave your exams unfinished simply because the air condition is freezing your fingers. You also don’t want to sweat onto your answer scripts because you’re dressed like an Eskimo. So it’s advisable to wear cool colours, and carry along a scarf or jacket that you can remove easily.

The hair test: It’s natural for headaches to come with the exam period. If you want them on a higher scale, fix your hair just before exams begin and enjoy the painful show. Do you also want to waste the time you would have spent on revision combing, brushing and restyling? Then don’t stick to braids, go for complex styles.

Loose is the answer: From bras to ties, wrist watches to trousers, and shirts to shoes, loose is the answer. If you think breathing properly is important to writing your exams with ease, save the tight clothes for the after party.

Watch the nails: Fixing your nails too long could make writing uncomfortable, and with the clock competing for your grades, you need no extra baggage.

Don’t change bags too often: You don’t want to be the one who has to go back to the hostel to collect your clearance or identity card. Even if you change your bag, double check, and triple search for the essentials.

A working wristwatch: Do I have to spell this out? Get one that works…on time. Home Page

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