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State Police Will Undermine Nigeria’s Unity’

State Police Will Undermine Nigeria’s Unity’

Honorary Consul to Benin Republic in Nigeria, Alhaji Muhtari Ali Daura, has said that the establishment of state police in Nigeria is capable of undermining the unity of the country.

The diplomat who spoke in Kano yesterday, advised President Goodluck Jonathan to instead provide more funds to the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), noting that inadequate funding is responsible for the inability of the police to protect lives and property of Nigerians.

He added that had it been the police force was well funded and supported by the Federal Government, the issue state police would not have arisen.

The Katsina-born business man noted that state or regional police in a federal arrangement such as Nigeria is capable of promoting nepotism and disunity.

“My worry is that this argument for state police is coming at a time when the country is being threatened by terrorism and political crisis.  During the first republic when native authority police was en vogue, those in position of authority then used it against their opponents.

It is also important to note that state police is capable of promoting secession in the country. I appeal to President Jonathan to commence radical reforms in the Police Force with a view to repositioning it to brace up to the challenges of combating crime and terrorism in the country. It is a clear fact that the police force is grossly under-funded. The morale of officers and men of the police are in most cases dampened because they do not get enough encouragement to work,” he said.

He further stated that recent security challenges in the country are enough to convince those in authority that the police in Nigeria require adequate equipment and mobilization to perform creditably.

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