Help! She Wants To Dump Me 4 years ago 1

Here’s my situation: I’m just about to get dumped after a year-and-a-half-long relationship with Suzy. I played it cool for a while and apparently was a total challenge, because within three months she dumped the guy she was with and was with me – with very little effort on my part.

I was suspicious, however, as I had gotten enough information out of her to discover that she’s left every relationship she’s ever been in for a new guy. I even joked with her about not wanting to be the next chump, and actually kept my Interest Level to about 75% for the first six to eight months.

This is what happened to really mess things up. I had an online dating ad that I used before becoming Suzy’s boyfriend, but not while we were dating. She saw it on my computer browser at about the six-month mark and went completely ballistic.

I apologized and, at that very moment, the interest levels in our relationship switched. Hers dropped to 70% or lower. The long slide of Suzy’s interest level to below 40% took another year, and my level of interest rose to compensate, until it hit 95%, where it is now.

So here’s my question: Was I wrong for not listening to my intuition about this woman? It seems that she leaves every turkey the same way for a new guy. Does the way a woman finish a relationship have anything to do with the way she’s going to leave a guy in the future? Did Suzy use the discovery of my dating ad as an excuse to get out of the relationship? Should I have had concerns about getting involved with her in the first place?

I’m a rookie, but I’m trying to prepare to do it differently next time. Home Page

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