Soldier Accused Of Attacking Retired Captain In Kano

Soldier Accused Of Attacking Retired Captain In Kano

The spokesperson of Retired Army, Navy and Air force Officers’ Club (RANAO), Retired Captain Yusuf Abdulmalik, was allegedly assaulted Monday evening by a soldier attached to the Joint Task Force (JTF) while driving along Club Road in Kano metropolis.

Narrating how the incident happened, the 71-year-old retired military officer said the incident occurred after he had passed a checkpoint manned by policemen and was waiting for traffic signal to move on in his vehicle, saying the soldier asked him to move away, but as he tried to explain the military man started threatening to kill him.

He said when the threats and insults reached a certain level, he identified himself as a retired military officer to the sergeant, thinking that could show that he was not a security threat.

“When he heard that I’m a retired captain, he became more abusive and daring. The soldier was not satisfied with the all the insults poured on me, as he began to shoot into air and at my vehicle while I was seated inside, damaging my four tyres. As I am talking to you now my vehicle is parked by the roadside where the incident happened,” he said.

He also alleged that the soldier had intended to shut him up by inserting fingers into his mouth, saying he was going to extract his tongue. “As I kept asking him why all the insults, he just put his fingers into my mouth, saying he would remove my tongue so that I would stop talking, “ he said

The retired army officer said onlookers protested against the soldier’s action on him, attempting to take the laws into their hands. “I had to intervene before they backed off.”

JTF spokesperson Lt. Ikedichi Iweha denied all the allegations labeled against the JTF personnel, saying the retired officer had refused to join the queue and boasted about his former career.

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