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Dispelling rumours of the First Lady's involvement with Dana plane crash

Dispelling rumours of the First Lady's involvement with Dana plane crash

I am responding to the rumor mongers because of the involvement of the script writers of those that wish to heat up the polity of Nigeria at every event or given opportunity. Like they have always done, using every opportunity to make Nigeria ungovernable. Why would a group of people in different disguises want to play politics with this sad event just to get back to political rivals or superiors?

This morning, reports from one Ade Atobatele....Information Technology and Services has filtered the air. Don't know which of the firms that is, claimed that the Dana Airline misfortune was caused by the closure of airspace for the first lady's aircraft. He was quoted as saying he was informed by a pilot of a private Jet that also had to hover in the air for 2 hours 15mins before the airspace opened for landing. He has conned his story that the social, electronic and print media has started reporting it without verifying his source.

Let Ade Atobatele (if he does exist) and Nigerians know that the Nigerian Air space can only be closed for 10 minutes only when an Aircraft conveying the President approaches an airport and 10 minutes after landing. A total accumulation of 20 minutes by regulations. And let Ade and Nigerians also note that the Air space can never be closed for an aircraft conveying the first lady or any other individual in Nigeria. Let Nigerians know that regulations gives a code red preference to any aircraft on "May Day" (in danger) distress against any other aircraft even if it's presidential. A presidential will be asked to divert towards a military airbase in case of a conflict in interest of landing. As we are aware, flight 0992 had called for MAY DAY 11mins before its ETA (estimated time of arrival) at 11 mins, the aircraft had prepared for landing. No aircraft is allowed to prepare for landing in an airspace that is closed. 20mins to landing, an aircraft as large as the boeing MD-83 can only commence descend from its cruise altitude.

Where then is the logic in Ade's story?

Let Ade also take note that the traffic control unit at the airport has confirmed that the air space was actually closed for 15mins for the Dana Air flight 0992 to perform an emergency landing before the unfortunate incidence.

Please I admonish all readers to disregard the allegation against the office and person of the First lady in their attempt to incite Nigerians.

Remember not to act or play part of the script written by those that promised to make Nigerian.

While we all pray that the Good Lord grants Nigerians and most especially the families of those that lost their lives to the sad incident the fortitude to bear the loss.

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