"I Took Blood Covenant With Two Women, Now I Am In Love With A Third, What Do I Do?"

Dear Naij,

I'm a young man with great phobia for hurts especially from relationship.

Early 2003 back in school, I feel in love with this pretty lady of same age. I was afraid of losing her, so we took blood covenant. I finished 2004 and we lost contact for years. We recently started communicating again even though we currently live far away from each other.

Finally, there is this good friend of mine, she has no knowledge of my past. She is a graduate with a degree in Veternary Medicine and owns a Vet clinic which my younger ones patronize. We got chatting and I started having feelings for her.

My problem is, who do I choose among them.




Dear Allen,

Thanks for your mail and your situation is truly a complicated one.

First, you need to take a break from all these women for a while. Be with yourself and take time out to figure out what you want in a relationship.

Secondly, this situation you have explained involves BLOOD oath. I suggest you seek advice from your religious leader. You need to know what the repercussions of the oaths are and cleanse yourself. Right now, getting into a relationship should NOT be your priority. You should cleanse yourself from the past before you can move forward with your future. Psychologically and spiritually.

Good Luck.

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