My lucky escape, by owner of warehouse plane crashed into 4 years ago 1

Pastor Daniel Omowumi, the owner of the warehouse and residential building on which the ill-fated Dana Air aircraft landed, yesterday  said his family was saved from being killed because of a meeting he was attending in church on Sunday.

The Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel)  pastor told The Nation that he could not recognise his property when he rushed back home on hearing about the incident.

Omowumin said: “I left for church in the morning with my mother, wife and children. After church, I entered into a meeting that delayed us from going home. I was still at the meeting when I received a call informing me of what had happened. I left my family in the church and rushed back to access the extent of damage but I could not even get to my property or even recognise it with what was left of them.

“As I speak with you now, the only thing that I have is what I am wearing. I had six containers in the warehouse. Four of the containers were loaded with kitchen items while the other two had educational materials in them. I also lost printing machines and four of my fish ponds were destroyed. I had some Sports Utility Vehicles parked in there that were completely damaged.

“I cannot estimate the amount of what I lost; it will run into millions of naira. The properties are beyond repairs. The warehouse was built on four plots of land. We slept in church yesterday and my family has remained their since. We no longer have a home.” Home Page

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