Skye Bank initiates ‘open house’ for e-banking 4 years ago 14

SKYE Bank Plc has adopted an innovative way of introducing e-banking services to its customers.

This new approach is an interactive forum tagged “Open House”, the first round of which was held at four different branch locations of the bank in Lagos.

Under the scheme, Skye Bank has created a forum where customers can express their concerns and desire to know more about e-payments, Internet banking, mobile banking and the many other ways an ATM card can be used for transactions.

According to Mrs. Ope Wemi-Jones, Customer Experience manager of Skye Bank, the “Open House” was designed to bring the cash – lite experience closer to customers at the branches.

“Apart from educating them, it gives room for practical engagement with them. It is also a good feedback channel. We learnt what the customers want and how they want it. This will help us to implement new ways of offering better service.”

At the “Open House” sessions held in Lagos at the four locations, over 1,000 customers attended and the consensus was that they benefitted greatly as the bank did a good job of explaining most of the processes, equipment and anti-fraud measures involved in the use of non-cash payment facilities. These include passwords, ATM pin numbers, how to use POS machines, debit cards, Internet banking, among others.

The bank also demonstrated the facilities it had put in place to assist customers to use e-payment options at the bank.

The management of Skye Bank said that it was committed to helping the majority of its customers to better understand how e-banking worked and for them to actually enjoy the convenience and security of using this modern means of banking by holding more “Open House” sessions nation-wide. Home Page

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