State Police’ll Lead To Nigeria’s Disintegration –Akanbi

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Photo: State Police’ll Lead To Nigeria’s Disintegration –AkanbiFormer President, Court of Appeal, retired Justice Mustapha Akanbi has said state police will lead to the disintegration of the country.

Speaking at a media conference to mark his 80th birthday anniversary in Ilorin on Thursday, he said it could also be used to oppress people.

Akanbi, who is the founding chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission, said state police was not the problem of the country.

He said, “I do not support state police. It is a gradual disintegration of the society. It is the views of those who are not thinking of a united Nigeria. It is the views of those who are not thinking of how to develop this country. They are the ones advocating it. When they divide the police, they come and divide the judiciary; divide the Customs, Immigration, then there will be no Nigeria.

“I was a state counsel, I worked with the police. I was in private practice, I consulted the police. As a judge, I dealt with matters relating to the police. You do not take a dangerous risk. You should study the parameter first of all and see whether it is workable or not. I lived in an era when local government police was operating. Some people were oppressed.

“Will state police change the evils that have been going on in the country such as kidnapping and stealing? If you have seen the oppression that went on even at the time of Talakawa, you will think twice. People are saying at this particular time, we are educated.

“How many people are educated? We have a vocal few. If we have enough education, people will not succumb to pressure to bring money for corruption.”

The retired jurist also said there was the need for a constitutional conference to address the socio-economic problems of the country.

According to Akanbi, designating it a Sovereign National Conference might “not be essential”, adding that the conference should cut across all strata of the society.

He also said the current constitution review by the National Assembly might not holistically address national needs and might not stop the growing concerns and agitations. Home Page

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