14-Year-Old Dies Due To Dangers From Playing X-Rated Video Games 4 years ago 12

A coroner yesterday urged parents to stop their children using adult video games after a boy of 14 hanged himself after playing Call of Duty.



Callum Green regularly played the Certificate 18 game with his stepfather despite it featuring gruesome scenes of soldiers trying to kill each other.

The boy’s behaviour deteriorated and, after being grounded by his mother following a row, he was found hanging by his school tie from his bunk bed.

At the inquest, coroner John Pollard issued a warning to parents to ensure children do not have access to adult-only video games.

He said: ‘The age limitations on these various computer games are there for a very valid reason and I do see the evidence of inappropriate computer games.

‘It’s very important that young children don’t play them or have access to them. I make a plea with parents to keep a very close eye on their children in that way.’

Earlier this year, Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik claimed he had ‘trained himself’ to kill his 77 victims by playing Call of Duty. Home Page

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