4-Year-Old Girl Found Alive Hiding Under Corpses Of Recently Shot Family Members 4 years ago 0

A four-year-old British girl found alive under the bodies of her family who were massacred in the French Alps told police how she was so terrified she ‘could not tell the difference between the good guys and bad guys’, it emerged today.

Police finally discovered the youngster ‘frozen still’ underneath her dead mother’s legs in a British-registered BMW around eight hours after the shootings took place.

The two other bodies are believed to be those of her father and grandmother. 

The girl’s eight-year-old sister was discovered lying on the road nearby in a critical condition after being shot three times, while a male cyclist, who had also suffered gunshot wounds, was found dead close to the car.

Describing the four-year-old’s ordeal, Annecy prosecutor Eric Maillaud said: ‘When the investigators got into the car, they discovered a little girl, who was frozen still and uninjured.

‘She was hidden under the bodies for some eight hours and didn’t move for the whole time. She could not tell the difference between the good guys and bad guys.

‘She spontaneously began to smile and speak in English when the policeman took her in his arms and pulled her out of the car.

‘She had heard the noises, the cries but she couldn’t say more, she is only four years old. She’s fine now – she’s being well looked after’.

It is not known whether she crawled under the bodies to hide or was left trapped when they fell on top of her.

Her eight-year-old sister was shot three times in the attack and rushed by helicopter to hospital in a critical condition, officials said. Home Page

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