How To Stay Healthy After 50

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Staying healthy is always a good idea, whatever age you are, but staying healthy after 50 is even more important for your well being.

That’s because our bodies gradually start to wear out, making it more difficult to move around, shift excess weight, process our food and recover from illness. When you are over 50, you are more likely to suffer from life threatening diseases such as heart attacks and different types of cancer, as well as osteoporosis. It’s essential to find out how to stay healthy and to be proactive in seeking medical help. Here are some of the common conditions that affect men and women over 50, some of the preventive measures you can take and ways to stay healthy for a long time.

Common conditions

Some conditions affect men and women equally as they get older. For example, most people tend to gain weight in their 50s as their metabolism slows down and their body’s ability to process nutrients declines. This increases the risk of developing heart disease and other life changing conditions. High blood pressure can affect your heart, kidneys, brain and blood. Left untreated, this puts you at higher risk of heart attacks. High cholesterol levels also affect the health of your heart and arteries. Staying healthy means keeping this under control. High blood sugar levels can cause heart disease, blindness and kidney failure. As we age, our vision starts to decline. Cataracts and glaucoma are common in seniors, but can be treated if caught early.

A testing regime

With most conditions, early identification is the key to treatment, so there are a number of tests both men and women should have regularly when they reach their 50s. Home Page

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