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Woman Divorced In Kaduna For Giving Birth To Triplets

Woman Divorced In Kaduna For Giving Birth To Triplets

A woman, who gave birth to a set of triplets in Kaduna, has been divorced, Daily Trust has learnt.

Our correspondent, who visited the woman identified as Zainab Sirajo at Yusuf Dantsoho Memorial Hospital in Kaduna yesterday where the babies are receiving medical treatment, reports that the triplets were delivered on May 4.

Narrating her ordeal, Zainab said she was issued a divorce letter by her husband, Kabiru Yusuf, only two days after she delivered the triplets, alleging that she was beaten by her husband for giving the birth before divorcing her, and since then she has been living with her parents.

The woman also said she had three children with her former husband, saying she is the only wife of Yusuf and that the triplets are her first delivery for him.

When she was asked the reason why she left her first husband, she said it was destined to be so. “I left my first husband due to the fortune of this set of triplets,” she said.

On how she feels about the triplets, she said “the only thing I will say is that God should bless them for me. I am not planning to re-marry for now and even if I will, I will like to first of all take proper care of my children and give them good training with a sound education. Presently, I don’t have anything doing but if I get a job, I will do it just for the sake of my children”.

“Actually, I am not willing to go back to him even if he begs me to come back; this is due to his habit, which I am sure he will not change; he doesn’t take care of me nor his children even though he knew before delivery through the result of scanning that I was carrying triplets,” she said.

She however declined giving our reporter her husband’s phone number and address but she only disclosed that he works at Panteka in Kaduna.

The matron in charge of paediatrics in Yusuf Dantsoho Memorial Hospital, Mrs Ajiyana Ramatu, confirmed that Zainab delivered a set of triplets four months ago which she said are two boys and a girl and that her husband divorced her two days after she was discharged from the hospital.

“After her delivery that time, I had to go round my colleagues for material and financial assistance that could be given to her; some gave a little cash while others brought some wears. So two days later when she was discharged from the hospital she was divorced for giving birth to triplets,” she said.

She said at present the hospital is planning to take the case to the state Social Welfare Department as the hospital could not continue to keep them.

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