Catholic Organisation Condemns Infidelity Among Married Women

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The Nsukka Diocesan Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) in Enugu State has condemned the high rate of infidelity among married women in the area.

Speaking on the just-concluded August meeting of the women of the diocese, the Nsukka CWO Diocesan President, Prof. Elizabeth Ngwu, said in Enugu on Monday that it was improper for married women to indulge in such act.

According to her, infidelity was the main theme of the meeting because it contributed a lot to instability in the family.

She explained that the women even discussed it at the zonal level, parish level and community level, adding that the message had been delivered to those affected.

“Some people even tried to point fingers, to call names but we said for now let us not call names; that we will just send serious warnings. By discussing it, those who are involved will now know that it is not a good behaviour amongst married women.

“And we hope that with time that there will be a change of attitude and behaviour. We did not really talked about punishment; it could lead to name-calling.’’

Ngwu said the meeting just made a general comment that it was not desirable and that people involved in such act should stop or be exposed. Home Page

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