Olympic Champion, Mo Farah, Shows Off His Newborn Daughters 4 years ago 3

photoFor the second time in weeks, he has scored a glorious double. This is the first picture of Olympic champion Mo Farah with his twin daughters. Beaming with pride as he shows off the girls, the runner also wears the two gold medals they inspired him to win.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Farah revealed that he and his wife Tania have named the twins Aisha and Amani – and said they already suspect the girls have inherited his long limbs.

Tania, 26, added that her husband was the first to hold the twins after they were born and was ‘bouncing off the walls’ with excitement. Farah cut the umbilical cord with Aisha weighing in at 5lb 2oz, and Amani, 4lb 4oz.

Though the girls arrived on August 25, their presence was felt weeks earlier when millions watched 29-year-old Farah throw his arms around his heavily pregnant wife on the track moments after winning the 10,000m.

Soon afterwards, he picked up another gold in the 5,000m. At the time, Somali-born Farah said he wanted to win one gold for each unborn twin, adding: ‘If I only had one, the other would feel left out.’

He has since vowed to engrave one of the twins’ names on each medal. Amani’s name he joked, was a bid to curry favour with the designer firm Armarni. Farah told the magazine: ‘We wanted some free stuff from Armani.’ But he went on to explain that they infact wished to choose Muslim names beginning with the same initial.

Tania, 26, added: ‘Twin one, the eldest, is Aisha. Twin two is Amani. They told the magazine that if labour had begun early, during the Olympics, they had agreed that Farah should not be told to allow him to focus on his dreams of victory.

The runner said he had already had an ‘incredible’ year. ‘I dreamt of becoming an Olympic champion and to do it twice in your country with a stadium of 80,000 people shouting your name, it doesn’t get better than that,’ he said. ‘Then for my wife to have two healthy little girls, well there’s no way to describe it.’

Farah has a step-daughter, Rihanna, who is seven, and was seen with Tania celebrating on the track with him after his 10,000m victory. The star athlete also has a twin brother but when their father moved to London from Djibouti, Farrah joined him but his brother remained and has now returned to Somalia. Home Page

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