Father Dies While Attempting To Rescue Son From Sea 4 years ago 0

A British shop manager has drowned in a desperate attempt to rescue his seven-year-old son from rough seas in Majorca.

George Selby, 27, leapt into the water despite being unable to swim after his son Louis was swept off a rocky outcrop by a huge wave.

Both died as the rest of their family watched from the shore of the Spanish island at about 11am on Saturday, during the first full day of their ‘dream’ first foreign holiday.

One report claimed that moments before, Mr Selby had been taking photographs of his son by the rocks, a popular spot for holidaymakers to take dramatic snapshots with waves crashing in the background.

After Mr Selby jumped in, Louis’s mother Abigail, 31, ran to a nearby hotel screaming for help. Lifeguards from the hotel ran to the scene but were unable to save father or son.

Witnesses said they saw Mr Selby shouting for help and waving his arms in the air while in the sea.

Police officers and paramedics arrived minutes later but by then the pair, from Hornchurch, Essex, were already dead.

Manuel Gordini, 23, witnessed the drama from the beach, where he works as a chef in a bar.

He said: ‘It was horrific, the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The lifeguards managed to get the bodies on to the beach but it was obvious they were already dead.

‘The mother was hysterical, crying. It was very upsetting. It was raining so there was almost nobody on the beach at the time.’

The sea conditions on the day at Cala Antena, a series of coves on Majorca’s south-east coast, had been poor, with a red flag flying on the beach warning bathers not to enter the sea. Home Page

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