Children Are Not Too Young For Sex Education

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Photo: Children Are Not Too Young For Sex EducationChildren are never too young to learn anything. Most people always think that children are too young to learn and that children ‘don’t know anything’. On the contrary, I feel that children should be taught. Children do not know anything if you do not tell them. If you always feel that your children ‘don’t know anything’, then you are restricting yourself to communicate with your children and your children will really grow up ‘not knowing anything’. My father always taught the children, which is me and my brothers and sisters sex education whenever there was any chance. I thought that was very good. Similarly, I taught my children about sex whenever appropriate.

Last Sunday, while driving, we came across this advertisement. It was the children who showed me this advertisement. They did not know what this advertisement was about. I made use of this golden opportunity to tell them what condom really means. I told them how to get pregnant and what are some common myths and wrongful thoughts that people have about sex. For example, you will not get pregnant by merely kissing. I told them what is sperm and disease like AIDs. Home Page

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