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The State Security Service (SSS) was yesterday the subject of an Associated Press (AP) report claiming that personal details of more than 60 of its operatives including its Director General, Mr Ita Ekperyong had been leaked to the internet through unidentified social media sites.

The report which appeared in the Associated Press, AP, an internet news medium, however attracted a swift reaction from the spokesperson of the SSS, Ms Marilyn Ogar who denounced the reports as issues of lies.

According to the AP, some of the leaked information included home addresses, names of immediate family members, mobile telephone numbers as well as bank account details of both former and current members of the SSS, adding that the data on the operatives remained accessible on the internet for several days with a threatening message that claimed to come from the Boko Haram sect.   

According to the AP, “the documents  have been deleted from the comment section of a website, but the security breach astonished secret service veterans and calls into question whether Nigeria’s intelligence community, whose agents already have released suspected terrorists out of religious and ethnic sympathies, are too compromised from within to stop the violence now plaguing Africa’s most populous nation.” Home Page

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