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VIDEO: Mo’Cheddah turns it down with ‘Louder’

VIDEO: Mo’Cheddah turns it down with ‘Louder’

VIDEO: Mo’Cheddah turns it down with ‘Louder’

It’s her first big move since leaving her former label and everyone has been anticipating what Modupe ‘Mo’Cheddah‘ Oyeyemi’s post-knighthouse re-introduction will look and sound like.

Now signed to Cheddah Music, the young pop diva has been in the lab recording for months and finally has something to offer her fans – let’s go in…

Her new single ‘Louder’ clearly won’t do much for her; her vocals rely too much on the auto-tune effect which badly affects her melody whenever she pitches. The theme of louder falls under the techno genre and will make its way to the clubs. Its shallow lyrics will however make sure it never leaves there.

We are not entirely sure what concept Mo’ is trying to create with the video neither do we know who the target market is any more. Shot in South Africa and directed by Brandon, Mo’ keeps it an all-white affair as she tries to pull a Katy Perry on us.

For an African pop singer who is trying to shoot up the diva pyramid, this, sadly, isn’t working.

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