Cynthia’s Murder: Pharmaceutical Group Petitions DPP 4 years ago 1

Distrubuted by the alleged involvement of two of its members accused of selling Rohypnol to the suspected killers of Cynthia Osokogu.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, PSN, has petitioned the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP, to properly review the case to ensure that pharmacists were not persecuted wrongly.

Briefing newsmen in Lagos yesterday, the PSN National President, Mr. Azubike Okwor said the Society had critically appraised all the issues at stake, noting that although the PSN was not trying to interfere with the ongoing police investigation, it was advocating that if the suspects were not found guilty of the crime of rape and armed robbery, they should be handed over to the Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria, PCN, for proper discipline for selling drugs without prescription.

He said: “If the liability of the two pharmacists was limited to the sales or alleged sale of Rohypnol to clients they do not know and never collaborated  in the condemnable crime, then it would be logical to believe there might have been breaches of professional ethics”.

He added that the law provides that such matters are dealt with by the pharmacists Council of Nigeria.

“If found guilty only for selling the drug without prescription should be handed over to the Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria, PCN, for discipline. We have reviewed the cases and we cannot understand why they are charged.

“If they have sold the drugs without prescription, there is a procedure already in place that provides how such matters are dealt with by the PCN.”

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