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Lawyers Lament Over False Advert Contents

Lawyers Lament Over False Advert Contents

Negative adverts especially on false claims of ‘miraculous healing’ dominated discussion at yesterday’s meeting of lawyers in media under the banner of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

Addressing the forum on the theme: ‘advertising regulation and control in Nigeria’, Professor Dakas Dakas (SAN), drew attention to the issues of wrap around newspaper adverts and political adverts with false information.

Speaking on claims to miracle healing, the don said “In its self televangelism is actually consistent with the great commission for those of us who are Christians. But on the other hand there is a great deal of what transpires in the name of televangelism that may well not be factual.”

He gave an example of a Nigerian televangelism ministry that is in court with the advertising regulatory agency of South Africa over the stoppage of its miracle healings adverts because the regulators claim HIV patients who believe in being healed by the ministry discontinue their medication and their health deteriorates afterwards.

Another speaker Udeme Ufot, former president of Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria, urged advertising practitioners to brace up for influx of foreign ad agencies coming take over the business  as they did in Kenya, 70 percent of whose ad industry, he said, is controlled by a single foreign firm.

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