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5 Kisses Everyone Should Master

5 Kisses Everyone Should Master

Here is a comprehensive how-to guide on the five kisses everyone should master.

1) The First Kiss

Brush your lips softly against hers before you start with any serious tongue action. Touch his/her face (lightly). Doubling down on physical contact will intensify sensations for both of you.

2) The Public Kiss

Don’t go overboard; public kisses should be … G-rated. If you have to surpass G-rated — just make it brief. A stolen kiss in a dimly-lit bar that involves some darting tongue and perhaps a lingering nibble of the lip on the pull-away is a great way to hint at greater things to come later on.

3) The “I Want You” Kiss

Push your partner up against a wall and press your tongue into hers with purpose. The onus always seems to be on the guy to make this kind of aggressive play. I cannot impress enough on you how hot it is when a girl flips the gender script and takes control from time to time.

4) The Sex Kiss

I recommend softly pressing your lips up against her the moment you enter her, and then backing off for a minute or so while you two find your groove before kissing her again.

You can also try the phantom kissing game. What the heck does that mean? Open your mouth and hover in as if you are going to lay one on him/her. At the last second, pull back, leaving contrails of dewy breath behind to suggest the kiss that almost was. Hopefully your partner will take a cue and do the same. It becomes a game of chicken. Continue the charade till someone gets too worked up and simply has to kiss the other. This is great during pre-coital makeouts, too, but it’s especially awesome mid-deed.

5) The 10,000th Kiss

I am personally a fan of an old-fashioned makeout session that only goes about as far as second base.

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