Bullion Van Arrested For Disobeying New Lagos Traffic Law 4 years ago 1


Luck ran out of a bullion van driver yesterday, when men of the Lagos State Task-force on Environmental and Special Offences, Enforcement Unit, arrested him and impounded the van with number plate BV 171 BDG, that he drove against the flow of traffic in Apapa area.

The driver, identified as Mr. Seun Odukoya, may be sentenced to one year jail without an option of fine if found guilty as a first offender, while the bullion van will be forfeited to the state government.

The new traffic law specifically mentioned that any bullion van driver who drove against the flow of traffic on conviction by a court will be jailed for one year as a first offender and three years as subsequent offender, without the option of fine, while the van will be seized by the state government.

The bullion van was arrested on Creek Road, Apapa, while conveying money to a new generation bank in the area.

It was learnt that following the arrest, officials of the warehouse later brought another van to transfer the money from the impounded van to the new generation bank. Home Page

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